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    Palazzo Albricci Peregrini | Crown

    Food & Drinks

    The perfect match between taste and sustainability

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    Palazzo Albricci Peregrini | Crown

    Palazzo Albricci Peregrini pays attention to the research of Km 0, genuine and healthy ingredients. Every morning our chef goes to the market to visit local producers and draws inspiration from seasonal ingredients to create breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

    P.A.P. Signature Breakfast

    Palazzo Albricci is known allover the world for its breakfast, investigated in detail by Lidia, the wanderlust addicted owner, she introduced the best touches of the most famous hotels she visited. From the basics of italian cooking arises the cult of having breakfast in an exclusive, slow, sacred way. The only way to understand it, is to experience it.


    Subdued light and music, private night-time festivities and chance encounters, having aperitivo lulled by the intriguing music in Palazzo Albricci is a world apart. We tend to lose all sense of time here at night, while sipping on a typical beverage: Smoked Margaritas, Jumanji, Cheri to name only a few of the P.A.P.’s iconic cocktails.

    Private dining

    We arrange memorable private evenings with focus on the wonderful italian flavours. Plan the experience with our staff and choose what suits your taste.

    Our chefs will make your stay unforgettable.

    Cooking classes

    Duration:3-4 hours, including dinner 

    We invite you to master the art of italian cooking. Join the chef to learn how to prepare your first authenthic italian dish. The chef will guide you through the entire process, from the preparation to the finishing touches.

    Palazzo Albricci Peregrini

    Via Giuseppe Rovelli, 28 22100 Como